It is the year Back to the Future II predicted sneakers would lace themselves and kids would fly about on hoverboards.

Technology in 2015 technology may fall short of those lofty goals but there is still much to anticipate, from virtual reality to smart motorcycle helmets and, yes, at least one hoverboard.

We peer into the crystal ball to deliver 10 top technologies to watch next year.

Virtual reality headsets

It’s been promised before but virtual reality really is coming this year. Honest. Samsung announced its much-anticipated Gear VR headset will arrive in “early 2015,” and the company that helped create Samsung’s headset, Oculus, is rumoured to be releasing its own virtual reality goggles in November. The Samsung Gear VR ($249) will deliver virtual 360-degree video using a Galaxy Note 4 phone as a screen, while the Oculus Rift will feature its own 7-inch OLED display with stereoscopic 3D.