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Outsourcing Managed IT Services

The most difficult business decisions for a large or small scale business is whether to hire their own internal IT staff or to contract out portion of their departments to external organizations to gain extra IT support. They often have limited resources which prevent them from implementing the technology infrastructure that they need to succeed. In today’s economic climate, it is of great advantage for organizations to outsource as it enables them focus on their strengths & core business activities as well reduce their cost of operation, whilst leaving all or part of the IT function with an external IT company.

Many companies dismiss Outsourcing as they don't fully appreciate the benefits it can deliver. At Infosofia Consulting, we can provide Outsourced services on many different levels. Our complete outsourced IT management solutions can provide peace of mind and a significant reduction in your IT capital outlay. One major benefit of Outsourcing to business is that it refocuses the business on the tasks in hand and enables it classify the various roles of IT within the business. Our use of remote access technologies and our state-of-the-art Helpdesk/IT Asset Management Software allows us to effectively take care of clients over a wide geographic area. The levels of benefits are divided into 3 as below;

 Operational: The general day-to-day tasks.
 Tactical: More long term projects.
 Strategic: Alignment of the IT functions with the business strategy

Many businesses fail as a result of under-utilization of their internal team to deliver the Tactical and Strategic projects the company must adopt to stay ahead of the game, which generally means that many of the internal IT staff end up spending a large proportion of their days performing what Infosofia Consulting would class as helpdesk functions.

As clients across a range of sectors apply our outsourcing services to manage a part of their internal IT functions, they would have access to some/ most of the benefits we offer as highlighted below:

 Easily scale your IT activity up or down.
 Dealing with a team of IT engineers who can use each other for help if required.
 Our teams are well distributed so we get a wide range of knowledge about each customer through each team member.
 Employment issue of staff is dealt with.
 A complete customized outsourcing solution to fit your requirements.
 Ability to use our fully functioning helpdesk.

Outsourcing does not necessarily mean changing all of your IT staff, as this could be crippling to too many companies. In fact, if you were to use Infosofia Consulting Outsourcing services, we would potentially take on your internal staffs to continue work on your projects. This is to create what we believe are the most competitive and professional solutions in the market today.